The Benefits of Developmental Coaching

So people have heard of Life Coaching. Not so many people have heard about Developmental Coaching. While there are similarities , there are some crucial differences. Developmental Coaching goes deeper. lt goes further. lt is not simply about hopes ,dreams ,goals and designing plans and solutions. lt is not simply about the mind set and the positive is not just about removing obstacles. lt is much much more than that.

This is about taking the person {if they are willing} into the realms of their unconscious inner structures. The Structures of the Self. This is about being willing to have a really thorough look at what is going on,-on the inside of an individual.

This takes Courage .This takes Strength .The Rewards are many. The Rewards are long lasting and carry over into every aspect of a persons life. The Rewards are much greater physical well being. Much more inner peace .Much more interest and curiosity in life. Much more Authenticity and intimacy in Relationships.A much greater appreciation for the complex multi layered individual human being that they are.

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