6 & 8 week
  • Developmental Personal Coaching Packages
  • One to One – weekly /biweekly
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Resource Book
  • Email support
10 & 12 week
  • Group Coaching Package
  • One to One bi weekly/weekly
  • Access to Recorded sessions
  • Resource Book
  • Email support
4 week Program
  • Emotional Freedom Technique & Councelling
  • One to One
  • Weekly
  • 45 minute sessions
  • Email Support
  • $249
The Coaching Spaces – what we offer
Developmental Coaching is all about getting to the Core of what is really going on behind most, if not all of our personal struggles. lt is about getting real with ourselves. Diving deep into the layers underneath the layers of our conscious awareness. The purpose of which is to unleash what it is to be fully human. Fully alive, fully available to ourselves and others.

Each student can learn to become even more present, encounter their true essence. Each can learn to unlearn and undo the structure of the inner problematic realities.

Each can learn to embrace what was previously difficult, welcome in what was previously shunned. The Coaching student can learn to move themselves forward, having learnt tools of self generative change.