The Coaching Spaces – Vision, Mission and Values
Here at the Coaching Spaces we are passionate about helping people create richness and purpose in their lives. Our Vision is to contribute to the life of each individual and thereby reduce unnecessary human struggle and suffering.
Our Values are Honesty, Peace ,Freedom and Choice
We demonstrate honesty by being transparent in our business. We approach all people with peace in our heart. We are about offering keys and tools towards greater inner personal freedom. We are about offering choice.

The Coaching Spaces formed in 2013,founded by Sacha Evans in Sydney. We brought together a team of international Coaches. Sterling Harris from Washington DC Eimer Boyle from lreland.

We are unique in the Coaching lndustry for we draw our knowledge,expertise and qualifications not only from the world of NLP and Meta Coaching, also from the Fitness lndustry and the World of Alternative Therapies .We employ the Emotional Freedom Technique ,Thought Field Therapy and Physical Exercise & Yoga and Nutritional Education within our methodology.

The Coaching Spaces is owned by Sacha Evans,the Founder and Creator of all our Training Prpgrams. Our Aim is to make a profoundly positive impact in the lives of all people who experience our Coaching programs and our Coaching courses.